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Trekking in Mustang

Trek Excursion Nepal - Adventurous Mustang Trekking Packages

Trekking in Mustang region is as lively and enchanting as trekkers look ahead to. The mystifying landscape of Mustang is an infertile moonscape of worn sandstone structures and irregular moraine porches, which come together, creating a colorful variety of sandstone reds, brown and yellows. It is fairly easy for you to trek the trail up to Lo Manthang, which is located in the centre of Mustang. The trekking in Mustang takes place through a nearly treeless desolate landscape. Strong gushes of wind generally hit the Mustang region in the afternoon but gradually subside at night. It receives very less rainfall than the rest of Nepal for its location which is specifically in the rain shadow area of the mighty Himalaya. 

Mustang trek in Nepal feels as amazing as the Tibetan history and culture associated with this region. Keeping isolated from the remaining parts the World and unaffected by modern culture, lifestyle in Mustang continues as it is used to be for centuries in an undisturbed manner. Besides a glimpse of ancient history and culture of the Tibetan kingdom of Gungthang in the Himalayan region, Mustang trek provides spectacular scenes predominated by Dhaulagiri at (26,795ft) 8167 m altitude and Annapurna at (26,545ft) 8091 m altitude. The Mustang valley is encircled by more than thirty-five summits lying over an altitude of 6000 m (19,680ft). The height of the Mustang Trekking trails increases from 2815 m (9,233ft) to 3780 m (12,398ft) over sea level.


At Trek Excursion Nepal, we organize a wide variety of Mustang trek tours in Nepal including the most exciting and rewarding Upper Mustang trekking in the mysterious primeval Tibetan kingdom. With our expert guides, you will enjoy adventurous trekking along the sacred Mustang valley with an easy walk up to the city of Lo Manthang. From great variations in altitude and ecological variety to giant peaks and different ethnic lifestyle, you will come across everything that will add to your experience of Trekking in Mustang. This mystifying region has many things to offer beyond nature, culture, history and thrill. Contact us to start exploring the Mustang trek area with the most suitable package from the following list:  


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Trekking in Mustang Packages

Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang Trekking

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