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Visit atop the world in your this trip to Tibet

If you have a penchant to visit a place not so common, Tibet is your destination! If you are a die hard traveller ‘roof of the world’ will definitely entice you.

For all those who wish to add a new punch to their travel journey this year are suggested to visit Tibet for sure.

Situated in the north eastern part of Asian continent, Tibet has specifically arid climatic condition. Tibetan plateau is located 16000 feet above sea level. One of the chief geaographical demarcation of Tibet is the presence of river Brahmaputra (known as Yarlung Zangbo in local language). Other rivers flowing here are Indus, Ganges, Salween and Yellow river.

Known for its Buddhist culture, Tibet has one of the most appealing and interesting social cultures in the world. If your restless soul yearns for adventure and spine chilling moment, Tibet has everything for you. Snow shrouded mountains, wildlife diversity, exotic species, rarely seen rainforests, mysterious historical monuments and architects will definitely entice the racing soul of every traveller.

Tibet has an interesting blend of Chinese culture as well. The once upon a time Forbidden Kingdom is a home to Hinduism, Buddhism and other sects like Jainism. Mt Kailash and Lake Mansoravar are the major tourist attractions.  Lhasa, the capital and economic centre of Tibet is the major attraction of the place. Do not forget to visit Potala and Norbulingka Palace of the Dalai Lama.

What every traveller needs something unique in every trip so that it can be treasured forever and ever! Tibet is totally unique and special in all aspects. Get to know the one-of-its-kind tradition and mingle with the colourful culture of the place. This one time experience will definitely will pacify your traveller’s mind for the rest of your life. Stand on the top of the world and shout out to the rest! 

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