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Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan cultural tour

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Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet are three Himalayan kingdoms that have captured the world’s attention for centuries. This is all owed to their collection of many mind blowing sites ranging from historical, religious to architectural marvels. The intrigue does not come to an end when you visit any these locations. No doubt, many tours are organised on an annual basis aimed at exploring the vast region and delve into its mind capturing collection of culture, history, religious sites, natural landmarks and people. One example of a tour no human being can afford to miss is the Himalayan cultural tour, otherwise known as the Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan Cultural tour.

The journey generally lasts for 16 days, which are packed with numerous unforgettable events ranging from site seeing, hiking and sampling mouth-watering meals among others. For example, you will be able to visit the world’s highest monastery the Rongbuk monastery and get to view the peaks of Mount Everest, visit ancient towns which were originally inhabited by the Newarl people.

This is an amazing tour which explores the three Himalayan kingdoms from the cultural, historical and religious perspective among other attributes. Thanks to the tour, it is possible to dissect the region’s collection of sacred sites and learn about the history of the kingdoms. This also applies to the kingdom’s collection of people, natural sites and ancient architectural marvels.

The tour is fully packed and no moment goes by without being exposed to some mind capturing sites and activities. First, you get a chance to pass through Kathmandu and fly to Bhutan. This is the place where you will be able to see how intelligent and sophisticated the Bhutanese had been during their prime age. In particular, you will witness many architectural marvels courtesy of the Bhutanese people. The tour also involves a flight to Lhasa where you can observe the amazing and mind staggering landscapes. You will definitely fail to hold yourself from telling stories about these marvellous sites. Just outside Lhasa, you will be able to see the beautiful Lake Namtso. Thanks to the tour, you can get to experience the Bhutanese cultural heritage in its fullness. On the last day of the trip, you will take a hike to Taktsang monastery. 

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