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Trek Excursion Nepal is fully committed to keep each and every client’s individual information fully private. Our company has an established credo for offering most satisfying travel experience to clients by maximizing their travel delights and creating opportunities in which they can meet both culture and nature through their journey with us. Our strict privacy policy guarantees you that any of your personal data will not be passed on or shared to any external sources for marketing or any other purposes. We are fully committed that your private information remains private always. So for that, we have created this online privacy to make our clients and visitors understand our continuing and unbreakable commitment towards their privacy and security.

Feel free to book any of our services in Nepal and Bhutan and we make sure that your security and privacy will remain safe. Keeping your information safe is what we are focused about so that our relationship can get the required strength for an enduring relationship. Any of your telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses etc. that you have exchanged with us will be treated as the confidential subjects. Trek Excursion Nepal strictly discourages to publish or trade or sell any information given by our customers.

We take all of your information so that we can be in touch with you anytime and any moment. You may pay a visit our official website to submit your personal details or request for any sorts of details regarding our packages and services. We promise not to use any of your information elsewhere and the same will be used only in the particular intention that you are anticipating from Trek Excursion Nepal in terms of query or question.

Trek Excursion Nepal always uses the e-mail address to contact our clients and the same you can use to reach us.

Secure Payment Gateway:  

Trek Excursion Nepal tries to keep transparent transaction methods available for our clients with greater security. Every transaction that our customers do at our site is completely secured and is encrypted by SSL secured technology. It means every time a customer hit the submit button for transactions, the message will get scrambled so that no one can crack it for misuse. Not only that, all of the sensitive matters/ information that you will exchange with Trek Excursion Nepal will also be backed by the SSL technology and turn them into encrypted messages. The encrypted information can only be accessed by the staffs of the company. You might be thinking that we keep all your credit card details. In that case, Trek Excursion Nepal clarifies that the company doesn’t keep any type of transaction information in the database that you have provided during payment for our products and services through credit cards.

Unspecified Information Collection:

Trek Excursion Nepal collects several bits of information such as website page views, date of view and time. This is only because of the fact that these aspects help the company in improving its overall performance. It also helps us in ensuring the importance of our site to visitors.

Links to Third-Party sites:

The official site of Trek Excursion Nepal contains links which will redirect you to other websites upon clicking them. Thus, Trek Excursion Nepal will not be responsible for any disclosure of your privacy information in any external websites.


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