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Yul Tour

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Yul Tour

Explore the Land of Thunder Dragon with Our Specially Customized Druk Yul Tour

Even as we voyage to the ancient kingdom of Bhutan upon this week around tour package, we take notice of the vibrancy of a few of the biggest, oldest, most magnificent & ornate dzongs fortress monasteries in this silent but pulsating little kingdom. In this tour you could have an outstanding view of the unspoiled beauty of the extremely old kingdom of Bhutan. You are considered by this voyage to beautiful city of Paro along the traditional villages, through stunning woodlands, past imposing fortresses, tranquil monasteries and bustling market segments in to the heartland of the Drukpa people in this beautiful and exclusive traveler's heaven in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

With our Yul Tour package, you will get the opportunity to get familiar with some major historical sites and architectural value of Kathmandu valley with magnificent mountain surroundings of amazing natural splendor and remote control and remarkable monasteries of Bhutan that guideline in the pristine and unchanged Bhutanese landscape.  Most importantly, you'll get an opportunity to interact with the neighborhood people and witness just how of life in Bhutan and Kathmandu. Throughout your journey you should have best possibility to the spectacular pile scenery, distant and remarkable monasteries and unspoiled Himalayan culture included all of the opportunity to visit this area.

Observe the unique atmosphere in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This is an exploration of a captivating culture, their clothing & creative crafts & the chilly spicy food, & we also observe the traditional Buddhist history the Bhutanese keep near their hearts. 

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Package Details

Trip Facts:

Destination – Bhutan

Trip Duration – 8 Days

Activities – Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Sightseeing

Best Time to Visit – In Between March –Mid June & September – December

Group Size- 2-20 People

Journey Arrival & Departure – Kathmandu 


Exclusive Trip Points:


* Outstanding journey to the ancient kingdom of Bhutan

* Sightseeing of some of the largest, oldest and most spectacular dzongs

* Travel through scenic countryside

* Experience the ancient histories at closest