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Tiji Festival Trekking

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Tiji Festival is one of the many reasons that makes Nepal stands apart from the rest of the world. Perfect blend of custom, festival, tradition and life style has made Nepal an ideal place for tourism in the entire world.

What you know about Tiji Festival? Not much for sure! To begin with, Tiji Festival is a three day festival which is otherwise known as the Chasing of the Demons by the locals. The ceremonial celebration of this festival is based on the legendary Tiji myth.

Though many short stories can be heard about this festival, the chief story is about Dorje Jono, who fought with his demon father for saving his Kingdom.

Want to be a part of this majestic celebration? Pack your baggage today and get set go! 

Day 01:Reach at Kathmandu
Day 02: One day tour of Kathmandu
Day 03: Head towards Pokhara
Day 04:Jomsom Kagbeni trekking
Day 05:Chele trekking
Day 06: Syanbochen trekking
Day 07: Ghaymi trekking
Day 08: Charang trekking
Day 09: Lo-Mangthang trekking
Day 10: One day tour Lo-Mangthang
Day 11: TIJI Festival celebration.
Day 12: Drakmar trekking
Day 13: Ghiling trekking
Day 14: Chhuksang trekking
Day 15: Jomsom trekking
Day 16: Return back to Pokhara.
Day 17: Return back to Kathmandu.
Day 18: Head towards International Airport.

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Trip in Nutshell

Place to reach: Kathmandu, Nepal

What to do: Trekking

Trip duration: 18 days

Altitude dimension: 3810 m (Max)

When to visit: April, May

How to reach: Flight only

Sightseeings: Tiji Festival, Upper Mustang