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Lhasa Bike Tour

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Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Biking Tour Package of High Adventure Seekers – 22 Day 

Measuring the length of 1100 kilometres from the Tibetan capital Lhasa to Kathmandu after transferring through six high mountain passes goes by over 5000 metres, our Lhasa bike tour to is the world's most popular and exciting bicycle journey option from Nepal Eco Excursion deep in to the roofing of the world. The experience biking trip from Tibet capital Lhasa city is the world's longest and deepest motorcycle descent, from the Tibetan Plateau into Nepal.

It really is a higher level drive, traversing the street between Lhasa and Kathmandu including a spherical trip, off-road, to Rongbuk Valley under the stunning north face of Support Everest.The quest overland back again to Kathmandu, crosses 6 major goes by while going to the breathtaking monastery cities of Gyantse, Xigastse and Xegar achieving the border of the Tibetan Plateau at the Thang La (5200m.), and begining the longest descent on the globe, an almost astounding 4600 meters into Nepal. With two more days and nights of biking on the amazing ridge-top paths of the Kathmandu Valley,this program not only offers the magnificent chance of experiencing world's longest and deepest bike tour descent from the center of Tibet to Kathmandu but also screens glimpses of old-fashioned Tibetan culture, custom and rituals with an admix amazing modern civilization.

Day – 1
Arrival of bikers in Kathmandu and transfer to nearest pre-booked luxurious hotel for rest
Day – 2
After luscious breakfast, complete guided Kathmandu sightseeing and visit to world heritage sites
Day – 3
Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa
Day – 4
Complete guided Lhasa Sightseeing
Day – 5
2nd Lhasa sightseeing and visit to nearest villages
Day – 6
Lhasa to Kamba Pass (3700 m) - 85km bike tour
Day – 7
From Kamba Pass to Karo pass (4490m) - 55km bike tour
Day – 8
Karo Pass to Gyantse (3980m) – Bike tour 79km
Day – 9
Gyantse to Shigatse - 79km bike tour
Day – 10
Gyantse to Shigatse - 79km bike tour
Day – 11
Shigatse - Gyachung Monastery - 85km bike tour
Day – 12
Gyachung Monastery – Lhatse – Bike tour 75km
Day – 13
Lhatse – Shegar - 75km bike tour journey
Day – 14
Shegar - Pang Pass - 75km bike tour
Day – 15
Pang Pass - Rongbuk Monastery - 67km bike tour
Day – 16
Rongbuk Monastery - Everest Base Camp - 35km bike tour
Day – 17
Everest Base Camp – Tingri - 8km bike journey
Day – 18
Tingri - Lalung Pass - 76km bike tour
Day – 19
Lalung Pass - Cross Thang Pass and The Ultimate Downhill - 75km
Day – 20
The Ultimate Downhill - 117km bike tour
Day – 21
Back to Nepal - 97km bike journey
Day – 22
Bhaktapur and Kathmandu – 35 km bike journey
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Package Details

Trip Facts:

Destination – Nepal, Tibet

Destination – Lhasa to Kathmandu

Trip Duration – 22 Days 

Maximum Altitude - 5200m

Activities – Biking, Camping, Sightseeing

Best Time to Visit – In Between March –May & September –Mid  November

Difficulty – Moderate

Group Size- 2-25 People

Journey Arrival & Departure – Kathmandu 



Exclusive Trip Points:

* Mountain more than 1,100 km of mountain biking

* An exclusive visit to Mount Everest Base Camp with bike

* Great experience of Himalayan culture and tradition

* Visit to the monastery of Rongbuk and view of spectacular mountain passes