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Kathmandu Cycling Tour

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Kathmandu Cycling Tour: The best way to explore the raw beauty of Nepal

If you want to see the impeccable beauty of Nepal and in the most exciting way, there’s no better alternative than a cycling tour! Pedal through the rugged mountains and rough terrains of the land to explore the tempting beauty of the place in the best possible way.

If Nepal tour is on your travel calendar, you should not miss Kathmandu cycling tour. Situated in the South Eastern part of Asia, Nepal is home to varied biodiversity and countless amazing natural resources. Cycling or biking expedition will definitely help you to feel and witness the essence of each and every mystery you pass through.

Kathmandu cycling tour will be of immense help to mountain bikers. You can explore beautiful hilltop cities like Dhulikhel and Nagarkot.

No doubt cycling through rugged terrain will seem tiresome and will obviously repel many travellers. But unless and until you witness the breathtaking and gasping view of your destination, you will not believe. Surprises will then await you!

Go for the leisurely Kathmandu cycling tour through the lowland regions of Terai as well. Terai is a magnificent place possessing a rich heritage of both Buddhism and Hinduism. You will also get to witness various medieval townships, hillside villages and exotic wildlife. In other words, Terai is a perfect blend of everything that a traveller seeks to know.

There will not be a better sensation ever, when you start paddling down through the lush green mountain side and the shady pine forests of Himalaya. Experience the not seen before scenery of Kathmandu valley. Bump into the ups and downs of the tropical lowlands and visit the flowing greenery of paddy field. It is for the information of travellers that lowlands of Nepal are rich in fertile soil and till date use traditional farming methods.  

You can also visit to Chitwan National Park and see the endangered one horned Indian rhino. Other special attractions include Newari city and Pokhara. You will also get to witness the view of beautiful lakes and lakesides of Nepal.

Cycle down through the valleys of Kathmandu and get the once in a life time experience with this trip. 

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