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Kathmandu Climbing Tour

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Apart from Kathmandu hiking tour, what seems to be a new travel option in Nepal is rock climbing. Definitely, huge rocks of Nepal are sure to rock your exciting trip. Before you head for Kathmandu climbing tour here’s a peer view on what the tour will be like.

Rock climbing is undoubtedly one of the choicest tour options these days. Every traveller loves to explore new places in newer fashion. Gone are those days when travelling means going to a new place and staying at hotels. Staying at hotels is not a thing of priority these days. People are now engaged in making their trip more adventurous and exciting.

Couple pictures have become a thing of past what is ruling travel sector is images of trekking, rock climbing and even solo trips.

When it comes to climbing tours in Kathmandu, thank the natural and majestic rocks of Nepal. This valley has something very special so if you a rock climber, Nepalese mountains and valleys won’t stop exciting you.

All you need to do is prepare a good itinerary, choose a rock to pacify your restless travel spirit. There are different types of rocks, so irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experts, it won’t hamper your trip anyway.

One must remember that unless and until you are physically fit, you should not go for rock climbing. Secondly rock climbing is adventurous so do not go for it under peer pressure or for the sake of doing it. You need to prepare yourself for taking part in this sports activity. Requisites of the tour can be taken in detail from the tour operating company.

Which are the best locations for rock climbing in Kathmandu? Nagarjun Forest reserve site, Hattiban site and Bimal Nagar site near to Mountain Manaslu and Marshyandi river are the ideal locations for climbing tour in Kathmandu.

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By Ms. Violet On 08th Jan 2017

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