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Nepal: The Mystifying Beauty for every Traveller

What Nepal has in abundance will drive every traveller crazy. Apart from Pashupati Temple, Nepal has numerous other impeccably beautiful and mesmerising tourist hotspots.

The lesser share of Nepal in world map hasn’t stopped it from having abundant natural vegetation and historic monuments. What else do you need more as a traveller?

Topographical features of Nepal

The height of the country is near about 60 km above the sea level. The highest altitude in the country is as high as Mt Everest. It is situated between India and Tibet; hence supports different ethnic groups.

Climatic Condition

Due to abnormal height and elevation, the country has a diverse climatic condition ranging from sub tropical to Arctic.

Distinguished Flora and Fauna Features of Nepal

Diverse topographical features and climatic conditions has supported a wide variety of flora and fauna in the country. It is surprising to notice such differences within a small country. Spectacular wildlife and natural vegetation and rich historic features make this place a unique and distinguished tourist place in the world. Annual festivals, customs and traditions also add to this!

This petite country has managed to accommodate 08 tallest mountains of the world; including the Everest! You don’t believe? Let your eyes do it! Pack your bags and get ready to witness the majestic Himalayan beauty!

What will appeal you more is the perfect blend of modernity and culture of bygone era. Colorful streets, pyramidal temples, mingle of Hinduism and Buddhism are souls of the Nepal. The most amazing part is, you will witness each and every thing aforementioned in the backdrop of an urban landscape.

Cordial people, generous attitude, smiling welcome will make your visit even more pleasurable.

Nepal in a nutshell

Location & Dimension: Asia (Continent), Kathamandu (Capital), Latitude (26 22and 30 27 North), Longitude (80 4 and 88 12 East), Area (1,47,181 sq.km), Time Zone (5.45 ahead of GMT)
Miscellaneous Details: Population (26 million), People (60 caste/ethnic group and 70 spoken languages), Religion (Hindu, Buddhist and other), Language (Nepal and English), Season (Winter: December-February; Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Autumn (September-November)

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