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Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan sightseeing tour

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The Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan sightseeing tour is an amazing experience for any human being. It takes tourists for an amazing step by step exploration of the three Himalayan kingdoms in spectacular fashion. The drama, intrigue and suspense never come to an end. It is the onset of fresh memories that will be part of your life for a taste of time. Discover the kingdom’s cultural heritage, rich history and a vast collection of natural mind staggering landmarks. It boasts of three kingdoms. Each of the kingdoms is renowned for its unique attribute which separates it from the rest of the world. Tibet is the highest plateau on earth, Bhutan is the Thunder Dragon landmark and Nepal is the home of the world’s tallest mountain.

The tour starts from Kathmandu with a flight to Paro in Bhutan. During this visit, tourists are given a rare chance to visit many fortresses which the area boasts of. These are referred to as Dzongs in the local language. They are renowned for their unique architecture. This is where the Bhutanese architectural prowess is witnessed in fullness. There are also religious temples within the area including the Taktsang Monastery which is the most notable in the area. You will also be able to visit the Bodhnath Stupa and an infamous square by the name of Patan’sDurba square.

The tour then takes you to another amazing location, the region of the Newarl people. This is the home of the ancient towns of this group of people, Khokani as well as Bungamati. They have a huge significance in the history of Tibet.

Nepal is the place which plays host to the world’s tallest mountain, the Mount Everest. The peaks of the mountain can easily be seen from the highest monastery in the world, the Rongbuk Monastery. You can also find other notable monasteries within the region including the Drepung and Lhasa-Sera monasteries.

The tour is properly organised and features 12 breakfasts, one dinner and a series of 12 nights spend in a three star hotel. Movement from one location to another is facilitated by vehicles, which are in perfect condition and come with air conditioners. 

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