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Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet himalayan tour

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If you want to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime, you can do well to visit the Himalayan triplet of kingdoms Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. These are among the best places to visit in the world owing to their vast collection of rich history, culture and marvellous tourist sites. Visiting these three Himalayan kingdoms is your number one ticket to a tour packed with intrigue, satisfaction and a long list of memorable events. There is certainly no end to fun and exposure to sites which almost appear completely new on every visit.

The tour involves a visit to a point which is undoubtedly the highest point on earth. This is where scores of tourists from all corners of the globe get to access mind staggering views of many natural landmarks across the kingdom. In particular, it is the point where you can observe the peaks of the world’s tallest mountain. This is also the point where the world’s highest monastery is found, the

Thanks to the tour, it is also possible to visit the Paro RingpungDzong along with Kylchu. Near these two amazing places, you can also come across the region’s mind blowing national museum located in Dzong. This has helped many tourists to learn about the earliest origins of the kingdoms and discover their rich culture and splendour.

There is more that the tour has to offer. The region is also home to an exceedingly elegant temple commonly referred to as the ChlmlLhakang, as described by the local people. Punakha Dzong is another marvellous place to visit. It is renowned for its exterior design which is unique and mind capturing. Many sacred places can be found in the region. However, the most notable one is the BodhnathBhuddist stupa, an important shrine of the region.

The three Himalayan kingdoms also boast of the remains of the ancient Newrl people, a group of people with a notable presence in the Himalayan culture and history. These have already left behind ancient remains of their settlements such as the Bungamati and Khokani.

The tour also enables tourists to view the mount Everest from the Rongbuk monastery, which is the highest monastery known to mankind. 

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