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Nepal and Tibet Tour

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A visit to Nepal is one that attracts scores of people from all corners of the earth. Not shocking the Nepal and Tibet touris packed with mind blowing activities which capture the minds of every guest from start to end. It is a rare chance to experience two Himalayan kingdoms in spectacular fashion. Get a chance to view the alluring landscape of both Nepal and Tibet. These Himalayan kingdoms can leave you breathless. You can reach Tibet through Kathmandu and get a chance to unveil a Hindu temple which is arguably the holiest that the world has ever seen or heard of. This is also the home of the world’s highest monastery coupled with the tallest mountain views.

TheNepal and Tibet Tourlasts for about 13 days and fully packed with activities that you will live to remember all the days of your life. There is no end to the fun, marvel, suspense and intrigue that the tour has to offer. From the Kathmandu Valley and Kathmandu, you will pass through Bodhnath Stupa as well as the Patan’sDurba square. Further, you will also go past Khokani and Bungamati, two ancient towns of the Newarl people. Here, you will get a chance to visit local families, watch the making of yoghurt and also try to make pottery on your own.

That is not all; there is also the Rongbuk Monastery which is boasted by the two Himalayan kingdoms. This is the home of the world’s highest monastery. Thanks to this location, tourists from all over the world get a chance to view a number of notable landmarks across the borders of Nepal and Tibet. Most importantly, they get a chance to view Mount Everest. There are other monasteries within the region including the Lhasa-Sera Monastery and the Drepung Monastery. This is also the point which grants you distant access to the Barkhor Bazaar and Potala palace.

The tour includes over 10 breakfasts and a single dinner coupled with 12 nights spent in 3-star hotels. All the movements are facilitated by high quality air conditioned private vehicles. 

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