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Trek Excursion Nepal - Multi Countries Tours (Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim & Darjeeling)

Whether it is adventure vacation or nature tour across multiple Asian countries including Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India, Trek Excursion Nepal wants you to enjoy the best.


If you want to experience varieties in geography, ethnicity, attractions of South Asian countries, then our multi country Asia tours are the perfect ones for you. Nepal is famous for the top mountain range of Himalayas but the bordering Himalayan countries like Bhutan, Tibet and India also have lot many interesting things to keep tourists engaged. It is the evergreen valleys of Sikkim and Darjeeling in India that make tourists feel lost in nature. If you care to have it all in a single package, then we offer Multi country tours that cost less than taking an individual tour to each of the above countries.


Our multi country trips are combined packages designed to satisfy all the nature, culture and adventure lovers who don’t like to settle for anything less than the best. We cover Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India in multi country Asia tours to let you experience the wonder of Himalayan countries of Asia and their cultural diversity which can be felt in every single inch of land. The magnificence of four beautiful Himalayan nations: Nepal, Lhasa Tibet, Bhutan and India, these multi country tours promptly offer it to you.


Our personalized attention and the best multi country tour services exceed those provided by multi national travel or trekking agencies, and we proudly ensure reliability and efficiency.  We are capable to offer the top quality tours at affordable prices because we operate from the local ground and use all competent guides from Nepal for our tours and trek excursions.


We commit to give you the best value experience with utmost safety when it comes to travel across multiple South Asian countries in Himalayan region.  At Trek Excursion, our dedicated is towards social and environmental sustainability, and ultimate efforts to enjoy great diversity through multi country tour packages!


Be sure that our multi country Asia tours contain fun and excitement and suit tourists of every age group. They begin from Nepal with the option to sightsee many UNESCO heritage sites in Kathmandu and hike nearby hill station to watch the beautiful sunrise from the mighty mountains covered in the gleaming snow. These tours follow a scenic air travel to Lhasa in Tibet which brings an opportunity to experience the gorgeous Himalayan nation with unique traditions, Sherpa lifestyle and Buddhist culture. The sightseeing activities in our multi country tours in Lhasa include all the cultural and historical attractions and a comfortable drive along the lovely landscape, giving an insight into its history, cultural monuments, backdrop etc.



In our multi country Asia tours, you will take another air flight over the Mahayana Buddhist country in the Himalayan region - the Last Shangri-La or Bhutan. You will not just have exclusive view of some great landscapes of Himalayas and some preserved cultural and natural sites. The abundant valleys and the peaceful and clean setting will help lose yourself in nature and enjoy the distinctive architectural sophistication of the buddhist monasteries, Dzongs and the conventional Bhutanese buildings, leaving you fully amazed.


Our Multi Countries Tours

Mt. Kailash Manasarovar

Nepal Bhutan Tour

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

Nepal & India Buddhist circuit tour

Nepal Tibet Everest base camp tour

Nepal Tibet Overland Tour

Nepal Tibet Culture tour


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