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Kathmandu Hiking Tour

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Kathmandu Hiking Tour: What you should know and what you shouldn’t?

If Kathmandu is on your travel card this time opt for Kathmandu hiking tour. Gone are those days when people wished to travel a place just for the sake of visiting a new location. The present day trend has changed a lot. People want to explore newer things and in the newest possible way. Travellers now opt for primitive travelling methods like hiking, cycling and biking for exploring new places instead of opting cars, trains or flights.

Hence if you wish to break apart your monotony and preserve a lifetime memory, do not miss hiking around Kathmandu. Before heading for hiking tours in Kathmandu you should properly know about various trips and tours available for it.

There are numerous Kathmandu day hiking trips and one should go through it properly and decide upon the budget, time duration and places covered.

Kathmandu Hiking Trips Experience

Why should you opt for Kathmandu hiking tours? It is because travelling is not about merely seeing new places and capturing pictures. If you are a true traveller, you will definitely be excited to visit interesting places in the most unique way.

What if you have an option to roam round Kathmandu then why waste your trip sitting idle on the backside of car? Why to peep outside through glass windows when you have no filter option?  Don’t you find it interesting?

How will hiking around Kathmandu give you an extra ordinary experience? You can get to witness the virgin beauty of the Nepalese countryside in its true form. One of the chief attractions of the hiking tour is that you don’t have to drop a sweat for the trip. You don’t have to leave the comfort of the city as well.

Before you start for the trip, here’s a glimpse of the beautiful and lush green Kathmandu valley. Nepalese mountainside is for all; doesn’t matter if you are a teenage traveller or someone in 30s or a post retirement visitor. Nepal has all for anyone and everyone.

Himalayan mountain range, tropical rainforests, farm fields, Buddhist monasteries and innumerable heritage sites will definitely enthral you. 

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