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Kakani Day Tour

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Kakani Day Tour Package in Nepal

Kakani remains one of Nepal’s most popular view points and is loved by many people around the world. This is not shocking considering that the view point grants viewers viewership to a number of notable landmarks across Nepal, particularly Kathmandu. It is an amazing high point which can enable you to enjoy breathtaking scenery along with highly distinguished mountain views. Kakani is only one and half hours drive away from Kathmandu.

Being a great viewpoint of Nepal is not something simple straight and forward. It often depends on the places or landmarks that can be seen from the point. Kakani satisfies this condition in great style as it offers viewers a tele access to a number of amazing Himalayas including Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna and Manasalu. It is also a viable point for viewing the Gaurishanker Himalayas and a few fractions of the Rowling Himal.

Kakakni does not only offer viewpoints to visitors of the place. Rather, it offers more exciting activities that can certainly make your tour interesting and worth recalling in the future. The Kakani hiking day Touralso incorporates hiking which is another activity that is enjoyed by guests and locals alike. The Hike to Kakani is a journey through the pine forest, oak and rhododendron is exhilarating and associated with a unique adrenaline rush. This is something you would want to engage in on any given day.

Great Day Tours in Kakani 

When is it a great idea to start the Kakani Day tours in Nepal? It actually depends on you and the people you are with. Generally, it is often advisable to travel to Kakani during the early hours of the day, particularly between 8 am and 10 am. Since it is only one and a half hours from Kathmandu, it is quite easy to access by means of the main road. Reaching there is not difficult as there is private transportation that is provided by a car or van. There is also a trekking guide which is provided by experienced trekkers.

While in Kakani, resting is not an issue as there are resting spots that guests can use. In particular, you can take advantage of the century old villas as well as the Thai Airways Memorial park villa. 

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