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tibet trekking routes

Top 5 Classic Tibet Trekking Route

For global travel aficionados, Tibet is a charming sacred land to be explored. Its gorgeous natural splendor and colorful Buddhist cultures echo tempting magnetism. Amongst dozens of ways of exploring genuine trekking in Tibet, the following trails are commonly considered as the finest options for passionate tourists. If you really want to hit the road, here’re our top 5 classic Tibet trekking routes. Gama Valley Trekking (10 to 15 days): Placed in Tingri County, Gama Valley is a lus...

treks in bhutan

The Top 4 Treks in Bhutan

Located in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a nation lost in time. Like Nepal, the weather is subjugated by the Indian monsoon and the ideal time trek Bhutan is from September-November and late March-May. Tourism only started in 1974 in Bhutan and the Govt still controls the industry greatly, allowing merely 40,000 travelers into the nation every year. In harsh contrast to this, the adjacent country of Nepal has well beyond a million visitors every year. Nevertheless, the advantage of this is...

How to Trek In Nepal

How to Trek In Nepal? A Basic Guide for Beginners

With 8 of the highest peaks in the globe and some of the most gorgeous landscapes that are reachable only on foot, Nepal trekking is undoubtedly a unique experience of Asia that you must want to achieve at least once in your lifetime. In spite of what a lot of people believe, trekking in Nepal isn’t essentially roving alone through an uncultivated wilderness. As you walk by the side of the well-marked trekking routes, you’ll often find out quite the contradictory; hundreds of loca...