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Top 5 Classic Tibet Trekking Route

For global travel aficionados, Tibet is a charming sacred land to be explored. Its gorgeous natural splendor and colorful Buddhist cultures echo tempting magnetism. Amongst dozens of ways of exploring genuine trekking in Tibet, the following trails are commonly considered as the finest options for passionate tourists. If you really want to hit the road, here’re our top 5 classic Tibet trekking routes.

Gama Valley Trekking (10 to 15 days):

Placed in Tingri County, Gama Valley is a lush-green gorge developed by wearing down of cold snowmelt rivers & innumerable soaring mountains close by. As early as the twentieth century, Gama Valley was recognized as “the most gorgeous gorge on the earth and one of the classic hiking routes worldwide.”

The Gama Valley is packed with exotic plants. Wildlife and mesmerizing wetlands, lakes, waterfalls, etc. above all, the native mountaineers Sherpas also reside there and you may find it fascinating to banter with them against the backdrop of Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Everest.

Mountt. Kailash Kora Trek (2 Days):

Speaking of Kora in Tibet, Mount Kailash Kora certainly pops uppermost in one’s mind. Said to the “center of the world”, Mount Kailash is also worshiped in Jaisnism, Bonismo and Hindusim. Tibetan Buddhists are totally sure that circling Mount Kailash can take away one’s iniquity and rotating Mount Kailash for 108 times even makes you a Buddha.

Namtso Lake trekking (7 to 10 Days):

Revolving around sacred lakes and mountains in Tibet is believed as an approach to articulate pilgrims’ devotion & worship to Tibetan gods and also a unique approach of practicing Buddhism. Admired as the holiest lake in Tibet, Namtso Lake allures a decent number of travelers & pilgrims every year.

Sai Town (1 to 2 days):

Sai Town, is popular for its Saika Gutuo monastery from which Kagyu sect initiates. During your trek you can discover the 9-storey watchtower which is believed to be constructed by Buddha Milarepa.

Zhari Kora--Cuoga Lake (3 to 5 Days):

With holy mountain and lake, the trek provides the best scenery that you have ever seen in your life. Apart from that, the hiking distance isn’t that lengthy and it just requires around 3 to 5 days.

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