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The Top 4 Treks in Bhutan

Located in the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is a nation lost in time. Like Nepal, the weather is subjugated by the Indian monsoon and the ideal time trek Bhutan is from September-November and late March-May.

Tourism only started in 1974 in Bhutan and the Govt still controls the industry greatly, allowing merely 40,000 travelers into the nation every year. In harsh contrast to this, the adjacent country of Nepal has well beyond a million visitors every year. Nevertheless, the advantage of this is that Bhutan provides a really unique trekking experience. Routes aren’t swarmed, tea-houses don’t rule the treks and trekkers are taken back in time to an epoch of unspoiled splendor.

As a leading tour operator in Nepal, below we’ve provided what we think the top 4 treks in Bhutan:

Druk Path Trek:

This’s probably the finest preliminary treks to Bhutan as it needs only six days to accomplish. The trek starts near Paro and takes the hikers over a miniscule mountain range into the adjacent gorge where the capital city lies ahead. The route winds up through mountains where dwarf Rhododendrons and alpine forests rule the backdrop. The trekking path also passes many alpine lakes that are popular for their huge trout. At the highest point of your hike - Phume La Pass – you’re rewarded with gorgeous sights of Mt Gangkar Puensum 7570m.

Snowman Trek:

This’s undoubtedly one of the most popular & difficult Bhutan treks. The Snowman trek takes almost 25-days and trekkers essential travel the hilly border province amid Tibet & Bhutan. The trekking trail crosses more than eleven passes, 4 of which stand over 5,000m. This is certainly one of the most isolated, exquisite and genuine treks in the planet. If you are an experience trekker and love the challenges, then this is the trek for you.

Chomolhari Trek:

This is yet another most renowned route in Bhutan that gets hikers off the beaten track at high altitude. The trek permits trekkers to get up close & personal with the mountain and spend the night at base camp.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek:

This is a demanding week long trek that takes trekkers to the mountains to view some of the finest alpine lakes. Here trekkers can fish for the legendary enormous trout and relish some lake-based adventures. Throughout your trek you’ll find some fabulous sights of both Mt Everest and Kangchenjunga in the distance. The trekking route has an excellent cultural feel to it and you’ll pass several traditional villages & camps of yak herders on your way to the mountains.

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