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How to Trek In Nepal

How to Trek In Nepal? A Basic Guide for Beginners

With 8 of the highest peaks in the globe and some of the most gorgeous landscapes that are reachable only on foot, Nepal trekking is undoubtedly a unique experience of Asia that you must want to achieve at least once in your lifetime.

In spite of what a lot of people believe, trekking in Nepal isn’t essentially roving alone through an uncultivated wilderness. As you walk by the side of the well-marked trekking routes, you’ll often find out quite the contradictory; hundreds of local people passing through every day as they tow water, food and other necessities back to their small villages, along with many fellow trekkers.

When to go for trekking in Nepal?

The dry & warm season from March to June and September to November are probably the best season for Nepal trekking. During these periods, the temperature is tolerable & skies are generally clear. It’s feasible to hike out of season, but anticipate rain & leeches throughout the summer monsoon season and extreme cold and closed passes throughout the winter season.

The level of experience fitness you require for Nepal trekking?

There’re treks apposite for an extensive range of physical fitness and experience. A simple trek with Nepali guide or porter and teahouse accommodation is pretty achievable for anybody who’s genuinely fit. Longer hikes, crossing high passes and into isolated provinces require a superior level of stamina. For example, climbing a mountain of 5600-6000m, it’s required to have some alpine mounting experience.

Equipment & supplies to bring:

To get the best trekking experience in Nepal, it’s wise to take only what you require and leave the rest behind. The major essentials you should bring with you are sturdy trekking shoes, a daypack, a sleeping bag, and a few changes of garments for the volatile temperatures. For cold climate, thermals, trekking pants, neck warmer, gloves, a warm inner jacket and windproof outer jacket are vital. Other essential to bring encompass a hiking stick, waterproof case, a headlamp, altitude sickness & other drugs, a binocular and a camera.

The types of accommodation you can expect during Nepal trekking:

Tea houses can be easily discovered at different points on the trek that offer dorm room accommodation & basic meals what locals in the area eats. Nights can be very cold in lodges, so it’s wise to bring sleeping bags even for teahouse treks.

Camping can be conducted nearly anywhere in the country. Camping hikes can be completely organized & supported with a team of cooks, porters and guides to accompany you.

Homestays in local villages can be arranged as well.

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