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Bhutan: The Land that beholds a Mystery until discovered!

If you want to explore mystery and want it to be pleasurable alongside, Bhutan is the right place for you! The Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan should be on every traveller’s list. Not all know about the raw virgin beauty of this remote place of Himalayan region.

What stands unique in Bhutan is the impeccability of the nature or you can say nature at its best. Explore the best of Mother Nature peeping beneath the Himalayan range.

Visit the land that gives you a glimpse of lush greenery pasture fields and slow walking Buddhist monks as well! In Bhutan with each step you take, you get to explore something new, something enticing! What all will you get to see is valleys, never seen before culture, a tradition to yearn for!

The chief attractions of this place include, the Himalayan ranges native to Bhutan Jhomolhari and Jichu Drakey; Paro, Punakha, Gangtey and Dzongs. Buddhist monasteries will give you solace. You will get to visit the local markets in Paro and interact with the locals.

Tiger’s Nest, a famous Budhhist temple has a strong repute on world tourism map. Situated on a cliff top, otherwise known as Taktsang monastery, the Tiger’s Nest is about 10000 ft above sea level. Apart from high altitude, the temple is known for its popular festival Tsechu held in the month of March-April.

Another major tourist hotspot of Bhutan is Punakha Dzong; you can get to visit awesome temples there. If art and architecture appeals, this fortress should on your travel list for sure! Architectural excellences can be found at Khamsum Yuley Lakhang, Wangdiphodrang as well.

In a nutshell, Bhutan has everything for every traveller. Doesn’t matter whether you are passionate about nature, love rocks and temples, yearn for the architectural complexities or look out for adventures, you should miss visiting Bhutan. 

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