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There’s no end to the adventures when you visits Nepal. At Trek Excursion Nepal, we are team of professionals glad to introduce ourselves as the booster to your adventure experiences in Nepal.

With the hands on decades of experience in providing remarkable trekking services and rich knowledge regarding rafting, mountaineering and expedition and so on, we give value to customers more than anything else.

Since the very first day, our expert teams in the field of trekking and adventure has a proven track record to satisfy customers worldwide. Those customers come to explore the valleys of the great Himalaya in Nepal& Bhutan can also count on us for a budget-friendly adventure trip. The true trip advisors and experienced staffs at Trek Excursion Nepal are highly dedicated to deliver the right tools for meeting all expectations of the customers. Achieving ultimate customer satisfaction is our prime motto to accomplish here at Trek Excursion Nepal.

Why Trek Excursion Nepal?

Trek Excursion Nepal shines in the market as the specialist of entire adventure travel in Nepal & Bhutan with a personal touch to make it one-of-its-kind. The knowledgeable persons working with Trek Excursion Nepal are personally lived and explore the areas there. That’s what allowing us to give you the best trekking experience in the terrains of Himalayas in Nepal & Bhutan.

Trek Excursion Nepal is proud to say that getting unmatched value for adventures both culturally and professionally is what pushing us to remain updated with the changing trend. That’s why our professionals have personally visited the touring sites, trekked the mountains, and walked through the trails. By doing so, we make sure that you enjoy the adventure time to the fullest being in the snow hills of Nepal and Bhutan.

Regardless of all these, our staffs can also guide you during your hunt for delicious food, tastywine of renowned brands and so on. Experiencing the wildlife is also a terrific adventure. Thus, you can also reach us with your requirement for amazing wildlife safaris. We at Trek Excursion Nepal make sure that you spend a quality time with nature’s wonderful gifts.

The Mission Statement

Life is full of journeys and adventures. Sometimes it’s bad whereas sometimes it’s good. We at Trek Excursion Nepal strive to make your trip to Nepal & Bhutan a journey of life time. When you prefer to reach us with expectations, our strongest teams start to work on it at the very moment. Their knowledge and experience in travels, tours, mountain climbing and trekking are enough to make your adventurous trip to Nepal & Bhutan more pleasing and memorable.

It has been a long journey for us to become a renowned brand name in the tourism industry with one mission to achieve in mind i.e. to become people’s first choice for all types of trekking excursion in Nepal & Bhutan. We are dedicated and hard workers who ensure how you can enjoy in the valleys and terrains being in these territorial areas.

The Vision Statement

The Trek Excursion Nepal follows to the well-organized plans and schedules to make sure you are focused and safe. Our vision at Trek Excursion Nepal is to provide excellent trekking services along with cheaper yet inexpensive holiday tours in Nepal and Bhutan regions. The very existence of nature and cultures in Nepal turns the city into a favorite holiday destination both for domestic and international explorers.

At Trek Excursion Nepal, you will find diverse range of treks ideal for every type of trekkers in different parts of Nepal & Bhutan. They are entirely reasonable to obtain and comes with higher quality service without any glitch. No hidden cost is there with us in any of our packages. So, enjoy your time here to the fullest without setting a limit to it.

Someone somewhere says “If you steal, steal a Camel! If you love, love the Moon! And, if you want to trek, visit to Nepal”. This is so very true! So, chill and enjoy your time being here in Nepal.