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At Trek Excursion Nepal, we welcome all the adventure minds out there to the tiny but wonderful Himalayan country of Nepal which is known for Mt. Everest— the highest point on planet earth. It has some of the greatest trekking trails that would be every trekker’s dream in this world. Everest Base camp and Annapurna Base camp have been two top ranked trails for trekking in Nepal that would add to experience of hikers and trekkers all the time. But a large number of trails are still there for a memorable experience of trekking in Nepal, hundreds of them already looking like Annapurna and Everest in explicit Himalayan beauty and incomparable adventures. This is why, an unimaginably large number of international tourists come to Nepal every year, just to have a glimpse of the charming Himalayas, enjoy its unexploited natural splendor, carry on trekking in Bhutan and Tibet, and the most crucial aspect is to experience the ancient cultural practices and spiritual heritages and interact with the friendly, peace-loving and ever joyful people.


If you look for the thrill of climbing Everest, the excitement of white water rafting on Trishuli or Seti river, the pleasure of a jungle adventure tour, the dramatic views and scenic landscapes alongside some of the finest Nepal/Tibet trekking routes or simply want to immerse in the sparkling local culture, Trek Excursion Nepal can cater to your needs the best. We are an adventure tour and trekking company operating in trekking in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet industry for years, giving people the best tour package and option to enjoy the splendid view of popular locations of Nepal and its neighboring countries like Everest region, Annapurna region, and Langtang region. We are a dedicated, experienced and authorized tour and trekking specialist in Nepal. The registered and well trained members of our Nepal travel company have been associated with trekking in Bhutan and Nepal, hiking, expedition and other kinds of adventure activities for significant years, serving with ultimate blend of sincerity, care and safety. Our commitment is to make your tour and trekking in Nepal the most exciting and memorable one in your lifetime. We also have deep knowledge and expertise in the area of trekking in Nepal, trekking in Bhutan and trekking in Tibet.


We are here to arrange everything required for the adventure tours and trekking in Nepal at affordable rates - be it luxury packages or budget tour. We provide a wide variety of interesting options to meet your trekking expectations and needs, so that you can opt for what suits your budget and requirement the most. We have the best tour and trekking packages available to let you experience an unequalled and unforgettable journey into the mountain range of Himalayas. Our solutions including trekking in Nepal, trekking in Bhutan and trekking in Tibet come with complete arrangements and safety to add to your excitement and enjoyment.


For an ultimate trekking in Nepal experience while keeping close to Nepal culture, heritages and beauties, contact us right now! We will serve beyond your expectations and satisfactions!

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